A few Adira staff took the time to share some stories including: what motivates them, encouragement for others or messages giving thanks in the spirit of GivingTuesday.

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Founder/CEO Greg Smiley

From Greg: Dealing with neurodegenerative diseases can make you feel so alone. The irony is that dealing with a neurodegenerative disease is frankly one of the more universal struggles in our world today. No one is alone. Hope swells when we work together.

Executive Manager Stephen Gathingu

Stephen shares his own personal connection to neurodegenerative diseases (NDs), his hopes for progress, and the gratitude that motivates his work.

Board and Patient Liaison Rhaisa Lopez

Rhaisa shares her own professional experiences and her experience as a patient and the way both impact her work.

Development and Research Associate Dani McGaha

Dani shares about her career helping people impacted by chronic illness and a recent personal experience that’s given her a different perspective.

Programs Manager Lauren Ruiz

From Lauren: Why do I work to support people impacted by neurodegenerative disease? They’re amazing people! This message is dedicated to Bob who is LIVING with Parkinson’s disease. Love y’all.

Chief Development and External Affairs Officer Marilyn Spinner

Marilyn shares a personal story, as well as her gratitude for people living with neurodegenerative diseases and the people who support them.

Communications Manager Kelli Yoder

From Kelli: In honor of my dear grandmother, who had Parkinson’s, I want to say thanks to some great Adira partners making life better for people like her.