Adira’s third round of grants, launched Sept. 14, is set to be our biggest yet—growing in reach, input and scope. In addition, it will pilot our first cofinancing model.

Adira is seeding the first $250,000, and pursuing cofinancing of $250,000 to match. Collectively, we can make a bigger impact for people living with neurodegenerative diseases and caregivers.

Hear more from this video of Adira founder and CEO, Greg Smiley, announcing the grants:

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What is cofinancing?

Sustainability for large-scale integrated programs demands a diverse constellation of donors who are invited not only to contribute financing but contribute their points of view on the funding model’s design. This way we can strive for the best possible standards of objectivity, transparency, accountability, equitability, monitoring, evaluation, reporting and results-based evolution. Multiple donors from both traditional and non-traditional sources will provide the strength these programs need for consistent, dependable sources of long-range planning and financing.

Adira is piloting this on a small scale now with a modest request for an additional $250,000 in matching contributions. How well this round succeeds will inform next year’s program design and beyond.

Learn more about round three of Adira’s Pervasive Needs Grants here.
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