Today, Adira Foundation is rolling out our inaugural grants program.

It isn’t the grants program we had planned to announce for April—grants that assemble different diagnosed populations together in joint services. We believe in that longer-term vision of adding people together to work on commonalities.

Instead, we are launching with an emergency grants program—Adira’s Fast-Track Response to COVID-19.

These grants will be directed to organizations meeting the needs of people living with neurodegenerative diseases and their caregivers—people who are facing new problems and challenges due to the emergence of COVID-19.

The adjustments people are making, though unplanned, are consequential. We are listening to what people need. In turn we will act promptly. The application is short. We are aiming to turn submissions around in 48 hours if possible.

These grants are to help in the ways people contending with these complex conditions say they need help in these urgent moments.

We will roll out our more universal, collaborative grants program in the coming months.

It’s ironic to be bound together in separation from one another. We hope to help, and help quickly.

Adira - Grey Smiley, CEO Signature

Greg Smiley
Founder, CEO
Adira Foundation